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The Fulmar is a version of the Yakayak ‘No Name’, but with a curved one piece deck rather than the multi chined deck. It has options to build with or without hatches for storage.
The hull of Fulmar and No Name is constructed in the same.
Shearclamps (25mmX25mm) are added to the top insides of the hull.
Deck beams are then made to the following radius: Front 32cm Rear 70cm.
This radius is used on the bulk heads at the front and back.
Once the deck beams have been made they can be used to shape the shearclamps prior to deck fitting.
Below is a hull that I have fitted out with for hatches so has two bulk heads.
I use a deck beam at the front and rear of the cock pit to ensure strength.
I used the following measurements for the position of bulk heads and deck beams but these can be varied to suit:
Bow tip to 1st Stern bulk head = 330cm
2nd Stern bulk head distance form 1st Stern bulk head = 90cm
Rear cockpit deck beam from tip of stern = 200cm
Deck beam from tip of stern = 142cm
Bow tip to 1st Bow bulk head = 180cm
2nd Bow bulk head distance form 1st Bow bulk head = 50cm
Deck beam from tip of Bow = 240cm
Deck is added using epoxy ‘glue’ mix and bronze silicone ring nails.
For the front deck due to the transition in deck shape it is necessary to start fastening the deck at this position.
Any specific problems or queries please email: