7 reasons why buying cheap kayaks is a bad investment [Answered]


Kayaking is a popular water sport that requires a kayak and a paddle. It is a great way to explore nature, exercise and have fun. However, buying a cheap kayak might not provide the same experience, and might even be a bad investment in the long run. In this post, we will discuss seven reasons why buying cheap kayaks is a bad investment, and we will explore alternatives that might be a better choice for you.

Cheap kayaks are made of low-quality materials

One of the main reasons why buying a cheap kayak might not be a wise decision is because they are often made of low-quality materials, such as poor quality plastic, low-quality seats and paddles, and other subpar components. This can lead to several issues, including:

  • The kayak might not be as sturdy as a higher quality kayak, meaning it might tip over more easily
  • The components might break down more quickly or become damaged due to exposure to sunlight and cold, reducing the kayak’s lifespan
  • The lower quality plastic used in the construction of some cheap kayaks can also cause damage to the environment over time as they are disposed of improperly

It is important to invest in a kayak that is made with quality materials, to ensure your safety, comfort, and enjoyment of the activity while minimizing any environmental impact that your purchase might have in the long run.

They might not be safe

Another major drawback of purchasing a cheap kayak is that it might not be safe to use. Kayaking can be a dangerous sport, and it is important to use reliable equipment to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries.

  • Cheap kayaks might come with poorly made equipment such as poorly made or defective life jackets, paddles or seats that do not offer the same level of safety, comfort, or performance as pricier alternatives.
  • Additionally, some manufacturers of low-priced kayaks may cut corners in safety testing and standards which pose a significant safety risk to kayakers.
  • It is always better to prioritize safety over cost, and invest in a kayak that has been tested and certified to offer the highest level of safety possible.

Professional Kayaking gear ensures your safety and minimizes the risks involved around water so it is crucial you invest in good quality items and stay safe while kayaking

They aren’t long-lasting

Cheap kayaks are not designed to withstand daily use over extended periods. They often deteriorate quickly, and it won’t be too long before you discover various problems like deformation, cracks, or even breakage. This means that you may end up with recurring repair expenses, which could become an endless cycle that you may never get out of entirely.

  • Cheap kayaks might have improperly welded seams or excessive plastic thinness, which makes them unstable and adds to wear and tear
  • Common fabrics that are used in these kayaks are not able to resist punctures from sharp objects, which can reduce the kayak’s lifespan
  • Buy a kayak that is made up of durable materials to avoid incurring high repair costs after regular usage

Selecting a reliable kayak is not only a matter of safety and enjoyment but also an investment in longevity that will save you time and money over the long run

You might not enjoy kayaking

If you decide to purchase a low-priced kayak, the experience might not be very enjoyable, and you might quickly lose interest in kayaking altogether. A bad quality kayak usually leaves the rider feeling uncomfortable and disappointed, which is the opposite of what you hope to achieve.

  • Unstable kayaks aren’t good enough when it comes to novices, casual or experienced riders
  • Lower price kayaks lack some essential features like adjustable seating, or footrests, making the kayaker uncomfortable and ruining the whole experience
  • You don’t want to invest in lower quality kayaks and miss-out all the perks that come with buying high-end ones

It is better to avoid these issues by investing in a kayak that offers comfort, ease of use and all-around experience, and suitable for your level of expertise. By doing this, you’re more likely to have fun on the water and build better memories!

No warranty or aftersales services

When you purchase a cheap kayak, you are most likely compromising on the kayaks’ warranty and after-sales services. Most low-priced kayaks come without any warranty, and the makers are often just after a quick profit, so they make no effort in retaining their clients or supporting them once they make a sale.

  • There are no service centers for cheaper kayaks, which means that even in the face of serious issues, you have nowhere to turn to for help.
  • There are no provisions for repairs or replacements, in case of accidental breakage, which might happen at any time, or without prior knowledge
  • Not only are these kayaks harder to maintain, but it’s also harder to get any support or assistance should you need it.

It is advisable to invest in a kayak company that offers you warranties, repair provisions, and after-sales services to guarantee the security of your investment and satisfaction.

Cost-effective alternatives to cheap kayaks

While cheap kayaks might seem like the best option for those on tight budgets, investing in a high-quality kayak can save you money in the long run. You can also choose other cost-effective alternatives like:

  • Budget-friendly kayaks that are made of high-quality materials and equipment
  • Kayak renting services that save you from investing too much into a kayak, proving to be an efficient and economical way to enjoy paddling without worrying about the maintenance
  • Buying used kayaks from reliable sources with good market resale value, can help you find a quality kayak of a trusted brand

By investing in these cost-effective alternatives, you can ensure that you get a kayak that is safe, durable, and provides for an ultimate paddling experience, all while sticking to your budget boundaries. Remember, quality is never an accident; it’s always a result of deliberate efforts and investments.

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What is the price range of a cheap kayak?

A cheap kayak can cost between $200 to $500.

Can you use a cheap kayak for recreational activities?

Yes, a cheap kayak can be used for recreational activities, but it might not be as durable, safe, or comfortable.

Can cheap kayaks withstand regular use?

Cheap kayaks are not typically made from high-quality materials, which means they may not stand the test of time or wear and tear.

Do cheap kayaks have good customer support?

Most cheap kayaks come without customer support, which means you’ll have to handle damages and repair problems independently.

Why are cheap kayaks made of low-quality materials?

Manufacturers use low-quality materials to keep the price low and attract more buyers.

Do expensive kayaks come with warranties?

Many high-end kayaks come with extended warranties, offering more security to the buyer.

Are expensive kayaks more comfortable?

High-end kayaks offer more comfortable seating arrangements, better footrests, and paddles-shaped for maximum efficiency.

Can I rent kayaks instead of buying them?

Yes, renting kayaks can be an excellent cost-effective alternative to purchasing one.

Where can I buy used kayaks?

You can look for used kayaks at online auction sites, thrift stores, or in buy-and-sell groups on social media.

What are the best brands for quality kayaks?

Some of the most popular quality kayak brands include Hobie, Perception, Old Town, Dagger, and Wilderness Systems.

Real experience

As a child, James loved it when his father would take him kayaking on the weekends. It was a bonding experience between father and son, and James looked forward to it every week. After James started his own family, he wanted to continue the tradition of kayaking with his own children. However, lack of funds meant he couldn’t afford an expensive kayak, so he opted for a cheaper one.

The first few times, kayaking with the family was enjoyable, but James couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. The kayak wasn’t very stable, and the paddles didn’t work well. When he looked into upgrading his equipment, James realized he had made a poor investment. The cheapest kayak to be found wasn’t worth the money he had paid for it.

The plastic was brittle, and after a few uses, tiny cracks appeared on the kayak’s bottom. The rivets attaching the seat to the kayak came loose, and he had to use ropes to tie it in place. There were no sealed compartments for storage, and when water got into the kayak, all the items inside got wet.

James learned the hard way that buying a cheap kayak was a poor investment. He also discovered that kayaking was more than a weekend hobby. It was a sport that demanded quality equipment for comfort and safety.

Now, James saves up for better quality kayaking equipment. And while it might take a bit of time to save, it is well worth it. His family is now embarking on longer, more adventurous journeys, and they have peace of mind that they are using safe and reliable equipment.

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Kayaking can be a fun and healthy activity, but it is important to have the right equipment to ensure the best experience. Buying a cheap kayak may seem like a good idea at first, but it can come with several drawbacks that might not be worth the cost. Cheap kayaks are often made of low-quality materials, lack safety features, aren’t durable, and lack warranty or aftersales services, and they might not even be comfortable to use.

If you’re on a budget, choosing a budget-friendly kayak, renting a kayak or buying a used kayak are cost-effective alternatives to low-end kayaks. Investing in a durable kayak helps you to avoid unexpected maintenance expenses, and it provides a comfortable and satisfying experience on the water.

Overall, when it comes to kayak shopping, you should aim for quality over cost, prioritize safety, comfort, and durability, and consider cost-effective alternatives adopted to your budget.

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