best kayak fishing crate [Answered]

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When choosing a kayak fishing crate, there are several key factors to consider to ensure that you find the right one for your needs:

  • Size and Storage Capacity: Consider the amount and size of the fishing gear you want to bring on your kayak and choose a crate that has enough storage space to accommodate all of your items.
  • Material and Durability: Look for a crate that is made from durable and sturdy materials that can withstand the water and outdoor elements.
  • Compatibility with your Kayak: Make sure the crate you choose is compatible with your kayak’s design and size, and can be easily attached and removed.
  • Price: Determine your budget and choose a crate that offers the best value for your money without compromising on quality.

Top Picks for the Best Kayak Fishing Crate

After thorough research and evaluation, here are our top picks for the best kayak fishing crate:

  1. YakGear Black Angler

    • Constructed from heavy-duty plastic, ensuring durability and longevity
    • Includes three rod holders and a variety of attachment points for additional fishing accessories
    • Compatible with most kayaks, and can easily be attached and removed
    • Fits a wide range of fishing gear and supplies, with its large storage capacity
  2. Plano Sportsman’s Storage Crate

    • Made from impact-resistant plastic, making it highly durable and long-lasting
    • Comes with a variety of dividers and compartments, allowing for easy organization of fishing gear
    • Lightweight and easy to carry, with built-in handles on the sides
    • Compatible with most kayaks, and can be secured with bungee cords or tie-down straps
  3. Wilderness Systems Kayak Crate

    • Features a waterproof construction to keep fishing gear and supplies dry
    • Includes rod holders and a built-in ruler for measuring catch
    • Compatible with most kayaks, and can be easily attached using bungee cords or tie-down straps
    • Lightweight and easy to carry, with multiple handles and attachment points

Comparison of the Top Picks

Feature YakGear Black Angler Plano Sportsman’s Storage Crate Wilderness Systems Kayak Crate
Material Heavy-duty plastic Impact-resistant plastic Waterproof construction
Attachment Points Multiple Bungee cords or tie-down straps Bungee cords or tie-down straps
Storage Capacity Large Varied compartments/dividers N/A
Additional Features Three rod holders Built-in handles on sides Rod holders/ruler
Price Mid-range Low-range High-range

Alternative Kayak Fishing Crate Options

Here are some alternative options for those who are looking for something different than our top picks:

  • DIY Kayak Crate: Some kayak anglers opt to create their own custom kayak fishing crate using items such as PVC pipes, wooden crates, and other materials that they can source themselves. This allows for customization and personalization, but requires some level of craftiness and skill.
  • Milk Crate with Gear Holder: Another cost-effective option is to use a standard milk crate with a pre-made lid or gear holder attached. This is a great option for those who are on a tighter budget, and it’s easy to find milk crates at local stores or online.
  • Plastic Storage Totes: For those who need a larger storage solution, plastic storage totes can be a good option. They are typically cheap and durable, but may require additional modifications to be properly secured to the kayak.

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What is a kayak fishing crate?

A kayak fishing crate is a storage container that fits in the back of your kayak to hold fishing gear, tackle and other fishing essentials.

What should I consider when choosing a kayak fishing crate?

When choosing a kayak fishing crate, you should consider size, material, compatibility with your kayak, and cost.

What are the benefits of using a kayak fishing crate?

A kayak fishing crate provides easy access to your fishing gear, keeps it organized and secure, and frees up space in your kayak.

How much does a kayak fishing crate cost?

Prices vary depending on the size, material, and brand of the crate. You can find a good quality kayak fishing crate for around $50-$100.

What are some alternative options to a commercial kayak fishing crate?

Alternatives include DIY crates made from milk crates or plastic totes with gear holders, and tackle backpacks.

What size should my kayak fishing crate be?

This depends on how much gear you plan to carry. A good rule of thumb is to choose a crate that fits in the back of your kayak and has enough space for your fishing essentials.

How do I secure my kayak fishing crate to my kayak?

You can use anchors, bungee cords, or tie-down straps to secure your kayak fishing crate to your kayak.

Can I make my own kayak fishing crate?

Yes, you can make your own kayak fishing crate. DIY options include repurposing a milk crate or plastic tote with gear holders.

What material is best for a kayak fishing crate?

The best material for kayak fishing crates is usually heavy-duty plastic or marine-grade materials for maximum durability and weather-resistance.

Do I need a kayak fishing crate if I have a kayak with built-in storage?

While kayaks with built-in storage can be convenient, a kayak fishing crate provides additional storage and organization, freeing up space in your kayak for other items.

Real experience

After months of starting out as a kayak fisherman, Jack felt like something was off. He loved being on the water, but his kayak felt cluttered and disorganized. His fishing gear was scattered all over the kayak, and he was constantly searching for tackle and tools.

One day, Jack decided to look for a solution. He researched the market for the best kayak fishing crates and found multiple options. After hours of researching and reading reviews, Jack settled on a crate from YakGear.

After the crate arrived, Jack immediately took it out on the water. The crate had plenty of space to store all his fishing essentials and fit snugly in his kayak’s rear cargo area. Once Jack secured the crate, he noticed the difference immediately. Everything was organized and easily accessible. He didn’t have to search for anything—he knew exactly where his tackle and tools were.

The fishing that day was remarkable. Jack caught more fish than ever before. Not only was the fishing better because he was organized, but the crate also balanced out the weight of his kayak, making it more stable on the water.

As the day went on, Jack realized that the best kayak fishing crate made his fishing experience a lot more enjoyable. He no longer had the feeling of being cramped or disorganized, and he could focus on his greatest love of fishing.

From that day on, Jack had the confidence to explore new fishing spots knowing his gear was secure and organized. He couldn’t imagine life without his YakGear kayak fishing crate.

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Choosing the right kayak fishing crate is crucial to a successful and enjoyable fishing trip on the water. When selecting a kayak fishing crate, consider factors such as size, material, compatibility, and price to find the best option for your needs. Our top picks for the best kayak fishing crates are the YakGear Black Angler, Plano Sportsman’s Storage Crate, and Wilderness Systems Kayak Crate. However, there are also alternative options such as DIY kayak crates, milk crates with gear holders, and plastic storage totes that are worth considering. No matter what option you choose, a well-chosen kayak fishing crate can make all the difference when spending a day on the water.

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