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Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise, and it’s even better when your furry friend can come along with you. However, finding the best kayak for dogs can be overwhelming with so many options available. It’s important to choose a kayak that offers stability, comfort, and safety for your dog. In this post, we’ll go over some important factors to consider and suggest some of the best kayaks for dogs currently on the market. Additionally, we’ll provide some helpful tips for kayaking with your dog and alternative options in case kayaking isn’t the best fit for you and your pup.

Factors to Consider

  • Size and weight capacity: You’ll want to make sure the kayak can accommodate the weight of both you and your dog, as well as any gear you’ll be bringing along.
  • Stability and balance: A stable kayak is essential when you have a furry friend onboard. Look for kayaks with a wider base or pontoon-style design to prevent tipping.
  • Comfort and safety for your dog: Just like you, your dog needs to be comfortable and safe during the ride. Look for kayaks that have enough space for your dog to move around, non-slip surfaces to prevent your dog from sliding around, and tethers or harnesses to keep your dog secure.
  • Accessibility features: Getting your dog in and out of the kayak can be tricky, especially if they are large or nervous. Look for kayaks with low, stable entry points or ones that have ramps or platforms to assist with entry and exit.

Top Kayaks for Dogs

Here are some of the best kayaks for dogs currently available:

  • Old Town Predator MX: This kayak is stable and has a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds, making it perfect for larger dogs or multiple dogs. It also has a slip-resistant surface and a stand-up platform for your dog.
  • Perception Tribe 11.5: The Tribe 11.5 has a spacious cockpit that can accommodate both you and your dog comfortably. It’s also designed to be stable and easy to maneuver.
  • FeelFree Lure 11.5: This kayak has a comfortable and adjustable seat, as well as a large standing platform for your dog. It also has a removable sonar and electronics pod for added versatility.
  • Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL: The Malibu Two XL has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and can accommodate two adults and a small dog. It also has a spacious cockpit and a comfortable seating area for your dog.

Tips for Kayaking with Your Dog

  • Bring necessary supplies for your dog: Make sure to bring plenty of fresh water, treats, food or snacks, and any medications your dog may need while on the water.
  • Choose the right weather conditions: Avoid kayaking in extreme weather like high winds or storms, as this can be dangerous for both you and your dog.
  • Start slow and let your dog get used to the kayak: Before setting out on a long expedition, acclimate your dog to the kayak by starting with short trips and gradually building up to longer ones.

Alternative Options

If kayaking is not the best fit for you and your furry friend, there are other options available:

  • Canoes: Canoes offer similar stability and comfort features as kayaks and may be a better option for larger dogs or multiple dogs as they typically have more open space.
  • Stand-up paddleboards: Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are a great alternative for dogs who prefer to sit on a stable surface while on the water. There are even SUPs designed specifically for dogs with traction pads and a comfortable standing area.
  • Inflatable boats: If you’re looking for something that’s easy to transport, consider an inflatable boat. Many models are available with features like built-in seats and fishing rod holders, and they’re lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

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What is the weight capacity of a kayak for dogs?

The weight capacity of a kayak for dogs varies depending on the model, but it typically ranges from 250 to 500 pounds.

Can all dogs go kayaking?

Not all dogs enjoy kayaking or are physically able to do so. It’s important to consider your dog’s temperament and overall health before taking them on the water.

How do I get my dog comfortable in a kayak?

Start with short trips on calm waters and gradually increase the length and difficulty of your outings. Bring plenty of treats and positive reinforcement to help your dog feel at ease.

What equipment do I need for kayaking with my dog?

In addition to a properly sized kayak, you’ll need a dog life vest, water and food bowls, a leash, and plenty of water and food for your pup.

Can I bring more than one dog on a kayak?

It depends on the size of your kayak and the weight capacity. Some kayaks can accommodate multiple dogs, while others are designed for only one.

How do I keep my dog safe while kayaking?

Always make sure your dog is wearing a life vest and secure them to the kayak with a leash. Bring plenty of water and take breaks as needed.

Can I kayak with my dog in rough waters?

It’s not recommended to kayak with your dog in rough waters or strong currents. Stick to calm, shallow waters and avoid areas with high boat traffic.

What kind of dog breeds are best for kayaking?

Breeds that are naturally good swimmers and have a high energy level like Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, and Border Collies tend to do well on kayaking trips.

Can I train my dog to sit still in a kayak?

Yes, with time and patience, most dogs can be trained to sit still in a kayak. Start with short trips and plenty of positive reinforcement.

Can I rent a kayak that’s suitable for dogs?

Yes, some kayak rental companies offer models that are suitable for dogs. However, it’s always best to bring your own if possible to ensure proper sizing and comfort for your furry friend.

Real experience

As a passionate kayaker, Sarah set out to explore all the beautiful waterways in her area. She had always dreamed of bringing her furry companion, a golden retriever named Max, along with her for her adventures. However, finding a kayak that was both comfortable for Max and stable on the water proved to be quite the challenge.

After scouring the internet for hours and consulting with local paddling experts, Sarah finally stumbled upon the perfect kayak for dogs. With a weight capacity of 400 pounds and ample space for Max to lay down comfortably, it was clear that this kayak was meant for the two of them.

Excited to test out her new purchase, Sarah loaded up Max and their gear and headed to the nearest lake. As soon as they hit the water, Max’s tail began wagging furiously and he stuck his snout into the wind, taking in all of the sights and smells around him.

To Sarah’s relief, the kayak proved to be incredibly stable, even when Max would occasionally shift positions or stand up to get a better look at something in the distance. And with the help of a specially designed dog life vest, Sarah felt confident that Max would be safe and secure throughout their trip.

As they paddled along, Sarah couldn’t help but feel grateful for her furry companion and the joy he brought to her life. And as Max snuggled up against her on the kayak’s spacious seat, she knew that they would be exploring many more beautiful waterways together in the future.

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Finding the best kayak for your dog takes some consideration, but with the right kayak and some preparation, kayaking with your pup can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy the outdoors. Remember to choose a kayak that offers stability, comfort, and safety for your dog, and start slow to let your dog get used to being on the water. If you find that kayaking isn’t the best fit for you and your dog, don’t worry. There are other options available like canoes, stand-up paddleboards, and inflatable boats. Whatever option you choose, make sure to prioritize your dog’s needs and comfort for a fun and enjoyable experience on the water.

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