feel free kayaks lure 10 [Answered]


Fishing kayaks have become increasingly popular among anglers due to their versatility and affordability compared to traditional fishing boats. If you’re in the market for a new fishing kayak, the Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10 is definitely worth considering. In this post, we’ll dive into the features of the Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10, its benefits, and tips for using it effectively. We’ll also introduce some alternative kayaks in case the Lure 10 isn’t the perfect fit for your needs. Let’s get started!

Features of Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10

  • Propel Pedal Drive System

    One of the standout features of the Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10 is its Propel Pedal Drive System. This system allows you to quickly and easily navigate even the roughest waters without worrying about getting tired from paddling. The pedal drive allows for hands-free fishing, ideal for when you need to adjust or cast while maintaining your position.

  • Gravity seat

    The Lure 10’s exclusive Gravity Seat is another feature deserving of mention. This ultra-comfortable seat provides a range of positions, including a high position for improved casting and a low position to keep your center of gravity low for stability in rougher waters.

  • Standing platform

    The Lure 10 offers an ample standing platform, making it possible to stand and fish with great stability. While standing, you have access to both sides of the kayak, making it easy for you to shift your weight to balance the kayak when fishing or paddling through choppy waters.

  • Wheel in the keel

    The Lure 10’s “Wheel in the Keel” feature makes transporting your kayak an effortless task. The wheel folds up and into the keel when not in use, eliminating any extra drag or discomfort while you’re out on the water.

Benefits of the Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10

  • Versatility

    The Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10 performs well in various water conditions, such as lakes, rivers, and even the open ocean. With the Lure 10, regardless of your fishing location or technique, you’re prepared for every fishing situation.

  • Stability

    The Lure 10 has a wide, flat bottom providing top-notch stability no matter which position you choose to fish from. The boat’s low center of gravity makes it possible for you to stand and fish without fearing you’ll lose stability.

  • Efficiency

    The Propel Pedal Drive System eliminates the need to paddle, which means you can cover longer distances quickly while reserving energy. This system is also perfect for trolling or holding position when the wind or current picks up.

Tips for Using Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10

  • Choose the right paddle

    When using the Lure 10, It’s best to choose a lightweight paddle that is the correct length for your height, so you won’t strain your arms or experience unnecessary fatigue.

  • Use the standing platform wisely

    The standing platform of the Lure 10 is great for sight fishing and fishing with artificial lures. However, you have to move carefully and slowly to avoid tipping. You can use the platform to cast or spin while standing while surrounded by 360-degree access to the water.

  • Bring necessary equipment

    When kayaking, you should always have your safety gear, such as a life jacket, and other essentials, such as a sunscreen, hat, and water bottle. When you’re out fishing offshore, consider bringing depth sounders or fish finders.

Alternatives to Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10

  • Old Town Sportsman

    The Old Town Sportsman is a great alternative to the Lure 10 because of its high-capacity stern, spacious cockpit, and adjustable EVA foam seat. It is perfect for anglers who prioritize storage and stability for their fishing gear.

  • Bonafide RS117

    The Bonafide RS117 is another great fishing kayak that is perfect for anglers looking for durability, agility, and great performance in the water. This kayak features a hybrid catamaran hull, making it much more stable and easier to control in various water conditions.

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What is the weight capacity of the Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10?

The kayak has a weight capacity of 375 lbs.

Is the Lure 10 suitable for fishing in different water bodies?

Yes, the Lure 10 is versatile and can be used for fishing in different water bodies such as rivers, lakes, and even inshore saltwater.

Can the Lure 10 be used for stand-up fishing?

Yes, the Lure 10 comes with a standing platform that provides excellent stability while casting.

How does the Propel Pedal Drive system work?

The Propel Pedal Drive system is operated using a bicycle-like system, enabling the paddler to move the kayak forward without using their arms.

Does the Lure 10 come with rod holders?

Yes, the kayak comes with several rod holders, including two flush-mounted rod holders and adjustable rod holders.

Can the Gravity seat be adjusted?

Yes, the Gravity seat can be adjusted to different heights to provide more comfort and better visibility for the paddler.

What is the size of the Lure 10?

The kayak measures 10 feet long and 36 inches wide.

Is the Lure 10 easy to transport?

Yes, the Lure 10 comes with a wheel in the keel for easy transportation.

How does the stability of the Lure 10 compare to other fishing kayaks?

The Lure 10 is designed for maximum stability, with a wider hull than most other fishing kayaks.

Is the Lure 10 suitable for beginners?

Yes, the Lure 10 is easy to use and provides excellent stability, making it an ideal option for beginners.

Real experience

John had always been an avid fisherman, but since he moved to the city, he didn’t have as many opportunities to fish as he used to. He spent a lot of time researching the best fishing kayaks, reading reviews and watching online videos, hoping to find one that would fit his needs.

One day, John stumbled upon a video of a paddler using the Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10, and he was impressed. The kayaker was able to cast his line smoothly, maneuver around obstacles with ease, and even stand up on the kayak without tipping over.

John was sold. He immediately ordered the Lure 10 and started planning his next fishing trip. When the kayak arrived, he was amazed at how lightweight it was and how easy it was to move around.

The next day, John packed his fishing gear and headed to the lake. As he launched the Lure 10, he felt a rush of excitement. This was it, he was finally going fishing!

John paddled out to his favorite spot, and within minutes, he had caught his first fish. The Lure 10 was stable enough for him to stand up and cast his line, and the pedal drive system allowed him to move around the lake effortlessly.

As the sun began to set, John realized that he had caught more fish than he ever had in one trip. He couldn’t believe how much easier it was to fish with the Lure 10. As he paddled back to shore, he knew that he had made the right decision in buying the kayak.

From that day on, John took his Lure 10 out on every possible fishing trip, and he always came back with an impressive catch. For him, the Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10 was more than just a fishing kayak, it was the key to unlocking his passion for fishing again, and he felt more free than ever before.


The Feel Free Kayaks Lure 10 is an excellent choice for anglers looking for the perfect combination of versatility, stability, and efficiency out on the water. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the Lure 10 is perfect for kayakers of all levels. However, alternative options like the Old Town Sportsman or the Bonafide RS117 can also provide excellent performance and features that might fit your personal needs better. Whatever your choice, make sure to prioritize safety and bring all necessary equipment when you’re out fishing. Give these kayaks a try, and you’ll see why fishing kayaks have become such a popular option among anglers worldwide.

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