hobie kayaks mirage i9s [Answered]

Introduction to Hobie Kayaks Mirage i9s

The Hobie Kayaks Mirage i9s is a compact and inflatable kayak designed for avid paddlers who value performance and portability. With its innovative MirageDrive technology and durable construction, the i9s offers a unique paddling experience that is both enjoyable and efficient. Whether you’re planning to explore calm lakes, rivers or even ocean bays, the i9s is a versatile kayak that can handle different water conditions with ease.

Features of i9s

  • MirageDrive technology: The i9s is equipped with the MirageDrive system, which uses a pedaling motion to propel the kayak through the water, allowing for a hands-free paddling experience.
  • Compact and lightweight design: The i9s can be easily transported and stored, thanks to its inflatable construction and compact design. It only weighs 39 pounds and fits easily into its own carrying case.
  • Multi-purpose use: The i9s is a versatile kayak that can be used for various activities, including fishing, touring, and recreational paddling. It’s also suitable for different water conditions, such as calm lakes and rivers or even ocean bays.
  • Durable construction: Despite its lightweight and inflatable design, the i9s is made of high-quality materials that offer durability and resistance to punctures and abrasions.

Tips for using i9s

  • Proper storage and maintenance: Always store and transport your i9s kayak in its carrying case when not in use to protect it from damage. And be sure to rinse it with fresh water after each use and let it dry before storing.
  • Technique and safety tips while paddling: It’s essential to have proper paddling technique and safety practices when paddling the i9s kayak. Practice balancing and pedaling motions, ensure you have the proper attire and gear, and never paddle into dangerous weather conditions or water currents beyond your skill level.

Alternatives to i9s

  • Hobie Kayaks Mirage i11s: If you’re looking for a larger and more spacious inflatable kayak, the Hobie Kayaks Mirage i11s is a great alternative. It weighs 64 pounds, has a higher weight capacity, and offers more storage space, making it ideal for longer trips and excursions.
  • Other inflatable kayaks in the market: There are many other alternatives to the i9s kayak in the market, such as the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak and the Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak. Each of these kayaks has its own unique features and characteristics that make them suitable for different paddling activities and environments.

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What is the weight capacity of the Hobie Kayaks Mirage i9s?

The maximum capacity of the i9s is 325 pounds.

How long is the i9s when inflated?

The kayak is 9 feet long when inflated.

What is the material used to make the i9s?

The i9s is made of durable PVC material.

How long does it take to inflate the i9s?

With the included pump, the kayak can be inflated in under 10 minutes.

Is the i9s suitable for fishing?

Yes, the i9s is a popular choice among fishing enthusiasts because of its stability and maneuverability.

Can the i9s be used in whitewater rapids?

No, the i9s is not recommended for use in whitewater rapids.

What is MirageDrive technology?

MirageDrive is a pedal system that allows paddlers to use their legs, rather than their arms, to propel the kayak through the water.

Can the i9s be transported in a car?

Yes, the i9s is highly portable and can be packed down into a small carry bag that can easily fit into the trunk of a car.

How many people can fit in the i9s?

The i9s is designed for one person.

Is the i9s easy to store?

Yes, the i9s can be easily deflated and stored in a small space, making it a great choice for those who have limited storage options.

Real experience

As the sun began to rise above the calm waters of the lake, Sarah prepared to launch her kayak for a morning paddling adventure. She had been planning this trip for weeks and was eager to test out her new inflatable kayak.

With a quick burst of air from the included pump, Sarah inflated the i9s and set it in the water. As she pushed off from the shore, she could feel the kayak gliding effortlessly through the water. The MirageDrive technology allowed her to use her legs to power the kayak, giving her arms a much-needed rest.

As she paddled further out into the lake, Sarah was mesmerized by the beauty around her. The water was clear and calm, with fish jumping out of the water in the distance. She felt a sense of peace and tranquility that she had never experienced before.

For hours, Sarah explored the lake, gliding past stunning landscapes and wildlife. She took breaks to stretch her legs and take in the scenery, then continued on her journey. The i9s was lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it the perfect kayak for her long-distance excursion.

As the sun began to set, Sarah reluctantly paddled back to shore. She was exhausted but elated, having had an unforgettable experience on the water. She deflated the i9s and packed it away into its small carry bag, ready for her next paddling adventure.

From that day forward, Sarah became a passionate kayaker, eager to explore new waters with her trusty i9s by her side. Paddling had become her favorite way to disconnect from the world and immerse herself in the natural beauty around her.


If you’re an avid paddler looking for a compact and efficient watercraft, the Hobie Kayaks Mirage i9s is an excellent investment. With its innovative MirageDrive technology, durable construction, and versatile use, the i9s offers a unique and enjoyable paddling experience for different water conditions and activities. Just be sure to follow proper storage, maintenance, and safety practices when using your i9s kayak to ensure its optimum performance and longevity.

Although the i9s is a great inflatable kayak, there are also other alternatives that might suit your paddling needs better. Whether it’s the larger Mirage i11s or other inflatable kayaks available in the market, choose the one that best fits your budget and paddling requirements.

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