the best kayak fishing rod holders [Answered]


Kayak fishing is an exciting and adventurous outdoor activity that requires proper equipment for the best experience. One crucial piece of equipment for kayak fishing is a fishing rod holder. Kayak fishing rod holders are essential for securing your fishing rod while paddling, freeing up your hands for other tasks. Whether you are looking for a secure place to store your fishing rod or a way to keep several rods at the ready, there are plenty of kayak fishing rod holders on the market to choose from.

In this post, we will be looking at the best kayak fishing rod holders available, as well as tips for choosing the right holder for your needs. Additionally, we will explore some alternative kayak rod holder options for those who prefer a DIY approach. By the end of this post, you will have a solid understanding of what to consider when purchasing your kayak fishing rod holder and will be able to confidently choose the best option for you.

II. Top Picks for Kayak Fishing Rod Holders

Here are our top picks for the best kayak fishing rod holders:

  1. YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder

    • Features and Benefits:
      • 360-degree rotation and multi-locking positions
      • Compatible with most fishing rod types and sizes
      • Quick and easy release function
    • Pros and Cons:
      • Pros: High-quality materials, durable, great functionality
      • Cons: Pricier than some other options
  2. Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder

    • Features and Benefits:
      • Fits both baitcaster and spinning reels
      • Easy to install and remove
      • Adjustable 360-degree rotation
    • Pros and Cons:
      • Pros: Affordable, versatile, sturdy
      • Cons: Limited locking positions
  3. RAM Tube Jr. Fishing Rod Holder

    • Features and Benefits:
      • Open-ended design for easy access and release
      • Compatible with most fishing rod types and sizes
      • Easy to install and adjust
    • Pros and Cons:
      • Pros: Durable, affordable, easy to use
      • Cons: Limited locking positions
  4. Hobie H-Rail Rod Holder

    • Features and Benefits:
      • Integrated design for easy mounting onto Hobie H-Rail System
      • Secure hold for heavier fishing rods
      • Adjustable 360-degree rotation
    • Pros and Cons:
      • Pros: Easy to install, great functionality, sturdy
      • Cons: Most expensive option

III. Tips for Choosing a Kayak Fishing Rod Holder

Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best kayak fishing rod holder for your needs:

  • Consider the Type of Fishing You’ll Be Doing: Different types of fishing require different types of rod holders. For example, if you’re fishing for larger fish, you may want a holder that provides a more secure hold.
  • Take into Account the Length of Your Fishing Rod: Make sure the holder you choose is compatible with the length of your fishing rod. Some holders may not be compatible with shorter or longer rods.
  • Check Your Kayak’s Compatibility: Ensure that the mounting system of the rod holder is compatible with your kayak. Some holders may require special mounting hardware, while others may only be compatible with specific kayak models.
  • Choose a Holder with Easy Access: An easy-to-reach holder is crucial for quick access to your fishing rod when you get a bite. You may also want a holder with a quick release function for added convenience.
  • Determine the Number of Holders You Need: Consider how many fishing rods you’ll be bringing on your trip and choose a rod holder accordingly. Some holders may allow for multiple rods, while others may only have space for one.

IV. Alternative Kayak Fishing Rod Holder Options

If you prefer a DIY approach, there are several options for creating your own kayak fishing rod holder:

  • DIY PVC Rod Holders: One of the most popular DIY options is to create a rod holder out of PVC piping. This is an affordable and customizable option that can accommodate multiple rods. You can find tutorials and instructions online for creating your own.
  • Railblaza Rod Holder R: This is a modular rod holder system that allows for easy customization and adaptation. The Railblaza system can also be used for attaching other kayak accessories, making it a versatile option.

It’s important to note that while DIY options can save you money, they may not be as durable or secure as store-bought options. Consider your skill level and the level of security you need for your fishing gear before selecting a DIY option.

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What makes a good kayak fishing rod holder?

A good kayak fishing rod holder should be versatile, easy to access, durable, and compatible with your kayak and fishing rod.

How many rod holders do I need on my kayak for fishing?

The number of rod holders you need depends on your personal preference and the type of fishing you’ll be doing. Generally, having at least two holders is sufficient.

Can I install a kayak fishing rod holder myself?

Yes, most rod holders come with installation instructions and can be installed by anyone with basic DIY skills.

Are there any DIY options for kayak fishing rod holders?

Yes, PVC pipe and fittings can be used to create custom rod holders at a fraction of the cost.

Can I use a regular fishing rod holder for my kayak?

While standard fishing rod holders can be used on a kayak, it’s essential to ensure that the holder is compatible with your kayak and securely mounted.

Is it necessary to buy an expensive kayak fishing rod holder?

No, there are many affordable rod holders available that offer excellent performance and durability.

What should I consider when choosing a kayak fishing rod holder?

The type of fishing you’ll be doing, the length of your fishing rod, compatibility with your kayak, easy access, and the number of holders you need.

Can I use a kayak fishing rod holder on a stand-up paddleboard?

Yes, some rod holders are versatile and can be used on kayaks and paddleboards.

How can I ensure that my fishing rod is secure in the holder?

One way to ensure that your fishing rod is secure is by using a holder with an adjustable strap or lock.

Are there any rod holders that can be used for both spinning and baitcaster rods?

Yes, the Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder is a versatile option that can accommodate both types of fishing rods.

Real experience

As John zigzagged down the winding river in his kayak, with his fishing line cast out and a slight breeze at his back, he couldn’t have felt happier. Being out in the serene outdoors and fishing were the two things he loved most, but everything changed when he heard a sudden snap. He knew it was his fishing rod that had given way, the one that his grandfather had handed down to him. John sighed and took the broken piece from the water.

It was time to invest in a better fishing rod holder. John had done his research and picked out the YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder, a name he kept hearing from friends and forums. When he received the holder, he was thrilled to find out that it was compatible with his kayak and easy to install.

John was eager to put it to the test, so he set out to his favorite fishing spot the very next weekend. Once he reached the spot, he cast his line out and secured the rod into the holder. He could immediately sense the added stability and security, which allowed him to relax a little more and thoroughly take in the scenery.

Then, without warning, John felt a tug on his line. He grabbed it with both hands, expecting a fight, and yanked it towards himself, but the fish was bigger than he had anticipated. He knew this would be a challenge, but he also knew that his rod was safe with the YakAttack holder. After several minutes of intense struggle, John finally pulled a trophy-sized fish out of the water, victorious.

It was that day that John knew he had made the right decision in purchasing the YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder. In the years that followed, it continued to provide him with countless memories of successful fishing excursions, and he cherished it as much he cherished his grandfather’s old fishing rod.

V. Conclusion

Choosing the right kayak fishing rod holder can make your experience on the water more enjoyable and efficient. By determining your specific fishing needs and considering factors such as compatibility, ease of access, and the number of rods you need, you’ll be able to select the best option for your situation.

While the YakAttack Omega Pro Rod Holder, Scotty Baitcaster/Spinning Rod Holder, RAM Tube Jr. Fishing Rod Holder, and Hobie H-Rail Rod Holder are some of the top options available, there are alternative options such as DIY PVC rod holders and the Railblaza Rod Holder R for those who prefer to make their own or are on a budget.

Whether you opt for a store-bought kayak fishing rod holder or a DIY option, make sure it’s secure and durable enough to handle your fishing gear. With the right rod holder, you’ll be able to focus on enjoying your time on the water and reeling in your catch.

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