what to do about hot jon boat seats [Answered]


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Tips for dealing with hot jon boat seats

  • Bring cushions or padding to sit on.
  • Wear moisture-wicking clothing to help prevent sweating.
  • Use a sunshade or bimini top to help block out direct sunlight.
  • Use a cooling towel or misting spray to cool yourself down.
  • Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Alternatives to hot jon boat seats

  • Install cooler or ice chests as seats.
  • Use folding chairs or portable seats.
  • Consider fishing chairs or swivel seats with built-in cooling or padding.

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Why are jon boat seats so hot?

Jon boat seats are known to become hot due to the sun’s direct rays, as well as the heat retention from the metal hull of the boat.

How can I avoid getting burned by hot jon boat seats?

You can avoid getting burned by bringing cushions or padding, wearing moisture-wicking clothing, using a sunshade, and applying sunscreen.

Are there any alternative seating options for jon boats?

Yes, installing cooler or ice chests as seats, using folding chairs or portable seats, and considering fishing chairs or swivel seats with cooling or padding are all viable options.

Can I use a regular beach towel to cool down on hot jon boat seats?

Yes, a beach towel can help cool you down, but a cooling towel or misting spray will provide even better results.

Do all jon boats have hot seats?

Many jon boats do have hot seats, but some models have built-in seats with cooling technology.

How can I prevent sweating on hot jon boat seats?

Wear moisture-wicking clothing and consider bringing a cooling towel or misting spray.

Should I wear long sleeves and pants to avoid getting burned on hot jon boat seats?

No, wearing lightweight and moisture-wicking clothing will keep you cooler and more comfortable.

Can I use a regular cushion to sit on hot jon boat seats?

Yes, a cushion or padding can help insulate you from the hot seat.

How long does it take for jon boat seats to cool down in the shade?

It can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour for jon boat seats to cool down depending on the intensity of the sun’s rays.

Can I install a canopy on my jon boat to keep the seats cool?

Yes, a sunshade or bimini top can help block out the sun’s direct rays and keep you and your jon boat seats cool.

Real experience

Jenna had always loved being out on the water. She had grown up boating and fishing with her family and as an adult, she enjoyed renting jon boats with friends. But there was one problem that always made her feel uncomfortable – the hot seats. Jenna had tried everything: towels, cushioned seat pads, even sitting on an ice pack that she brought in a cooler. But nothing seemed to really help.

One scorching day, Jenna and her friend Sarah rented a jon boat for an afternoon of fishing. They decided to try their luck in a secluded spot near the edge of the lake. But as soon as they settled into their seats, Jenna began to feel the uncomfortable burn of the hot metal beneath her.

As they cast their lines, Jenna couldn’t help but fidget, trying to find any position that might alleviate the heat coming from the seat. Sarah noticed her discomfort and suggested they move the boat to a shadier spot. They started up the engine and cruised along the shoreline, searching for a spot with more cover.

After a few minutes, they found a spot under some trees and pulled the boat up to a small, rocky beach. Jenna climbed out of the boat and walked along the shore, searching for a solution to her problem.

As she walked, she noticed a group of boaters lounging comfortably in their boat, sipping cool drinks and chatting happily. She couldn’t help but feel a little envious.

Suddenly, Jenna noticed something that caught her eye – a sunshade that was attached to the top of their boat’s canopy. It was angled perfectly to block out the sun’s rays and keep the seats cool.

Feeling hopeful, Jenna approached the boaters and asked them about the sunshade. They told her that they had purchased it online and installed it themselves. It had revolutionized their boating experience by keeping them cooler and more comfortable.

Excited by this discovery, Jenna went home and immediately searched for a sunshade that would fit her jon boat. She found one that was perfect and ordered it right away.

The next time she took her jon boat out on the lake, she installed the sunshade and settled into her seat. To her relief, the metal was cool to the touch and she was able to relax and enjoy her day on the water without feeling uncomfortable.

From that day forward, Jenna never took her hot jon boat seats for granted again. She realized that with a little creativity and resourcefulness, there was always a solution to be found.

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Hot jon boat seats can be uncomfortable and ruin your boating experience. However, by using the above tips or considering alternative seating options, you can ensure a more enjoyable time on the water. Bringing cushions or padding, wearing moisture-wicking clothing, using sunshade or bimini top, using a cooling towel or misting spray, and applying sunscreen are some of the tips to deal with hot jon boat seats. If these tips aren’t adequate, you can consider alternatives like ice chests as seats, portable folding seats, or fishing chairs with built-in cooling or padding. By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy your boating experience and create unforgettable memories!

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