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This project for "playful" kayak is made on request.

This kayak has not yet been made​​, so if you decide to be the first - you'll take the risk.

In this case, it is best to print drawings in some scale and make a model first.
This will make you sure that everything is OK before you buy materials to build a kayak in real scale.
Update: See comments.

Plans can still be downloaded from here, but you can visit yaKayak new site and download from there new or improved version of plans. New site is still under active development, but free plans are available for download.


Hi, FabLab from Poland here! We will keep you updated about the results - we are making time-lapse on it :) Many thanks for sharing the project, we are big fans! All updates in upcoming days here: but we will prepare exclusive informations and feedback for you as well. Cheers!

Hi FabLab, Thanks for keeping me informed! Cheers!

Update from today: :) Sunday first run!

I hope you'll paddle this kayak with such a pleasure as mine at the moment when I saw your efforts and how excellent you made it! Cheers! Jordan Stavrev

I modified it to be a sit-on-top and added a slot so it can take a Hobie Mirage drive. Pictures:

Hi Dan, thanks for sharing your work, but link to the album is not working. Probably photos are in "private" or "only friends" state. Please, update your link. It will be interesting for me and the others to see your kayak. Thanks!

I've made that album public. See if it works now.

Link works now. Very impressive! Did you test how this kayak behave on the water? And how this boat works with Hobie mirage drive? And definetely, there will be no Unterseeboot :) Thanks for your trust in plans and for your time for building and modifying!

Maiden voyage planned for Saturday.

Worked great with Hobie Mirage drive. Was able to go as fast as a Hobie kayak. Difference was when we got back to the dock, everyone admired my wood kayak and ignored the plastic Hobie.

I'm glad to know that everything is ok. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

hi! how about the manouverability? due to its shorter length, is it hard to keep it in straigth line when paddling? thx: stukov

Hi Stukov, probably - yes. Short lenght to be cause for poor straight paddling. Demand was to be short kayak for limited built and storage space. I didn't made Shorty by myself, but you can add skeg and things should be ok. Also rocker is not too much, so theoretically this should help for keeping the straight line.

wow, fast answer! I think I will try a skeg or even a shallow keel!

Hello. Please Forgive my ignorance as this is my first attempt at boat building. I an attempting to build the Shorty. I do not have the capability to print out the full size panel templates so am relying on lofting using the offsets. The download section does not have the offsets for the frames. Are these available?

This is my omission. Sorry. You have two choices - to wait some days for me to find a time to make offsets, or to print in 1:1 scale just frames on a regular a4 printer but on tiles with overlap and then just put them together with tape. However, keep in mind that 4 mm thickness of ply from panels are not taken in consideration in frames drawing. I don't know how to put it clearly, but if you cut some frame in exact lines from drawing and put that frame in exact place it will tend to open by 4 mm on each side and will be higher by 4 mm on deck (because the lines are the outer section without thickness of the material). Hope this is clear enough :)

Somewhere in Moldova, on the Prut rive bank , I'm building a shorty. As far as my research goes, a shorter kayak is more fit for a river. Also, I'm trying to build it with polyvinyl acetate, instead of epoxy - we'll see how well that goes. here are some photos with some cutouts (following the offsets file) I'll add pictures as I'll make progress.

Turns out PVA is a really bad substitute for epoxy. Fortunately I didn't cover the kayak yet, I tested that on a piece of plywood. Some more pictures of the work progress can be seen now. I made the joins butt joints - scarf joints are too much of and art for me. Thanks for the plans - they really helped me out.

Hi Dimitru, first of all, sorry for my late reply - i was on a trip and just manage to get back at home. Yes, PVA and polyester resin are bad substitute in this kind of boatbuilding - they try to shrink when cures and bend plywood. When this is impossible, they just delaminates from the surface. And they do not have such a waterproofness, strength and adhesive to the wood like epoxy. Thanks for the info and photos in the link! Have a fun in building and using the kayak!

I'm advancing the building of the kayak - I'm cutting the deck right now, while I glued the bottom. I went to Romania in search for epoxy, but it's quite rare around here, none of the big hardware shops had it. I'll be buying some online, after all. Anyway - how much epoxy do you think it's necessary? I intend to buy 4kg. Also, do you think 300g/sq.m glass cloth is good enough?

I made first stitch'n'glue kayak about five years ago and I used 300g/sqm cloth on bottom due to scratch resistance. For deck even lightest glass rowing is enough. Just remember to add layer or two inside in seating area to reinforce. As for epoxy on my 4,5m kayak I spent little more than 4kg but it was my first attempt and I was very sloppy with epoxy. Actually it is matter of volume rather than weight and viscosity. Lower viscosity epoxy is much better to cover and seal wood but then You will spent little more this pricey stuff.

Hello, I download Shorty kayak plans. Length 350cm I start the project. My panelvan can carry, comfortably for rear section 360cm I do hope mistake. Sincerely.

Can you make full scale PDFs of the stations 1-4 full size as part of the download package? There is no table of offsets for the stations, so I have no way of replicating them without CAD software.

Good afternoon! Thank you for your kayak plan. I built a kayak on it and gave it to my son for his birthday.

Do cad plans have puzzle joints i not a cad expert planing on cutting 170/250 cm panels.

They are full scale, not with puzzle style joints. But after a few days I can make them this way. To fit in 170x250cm sheets for cutting. I'll upload them here and will let you know by e-mail when they are ready for download.

Did these plans ever get converted for puzzle joints? I have a CNC and would like to build one of these kayaks. Great builds so far. I have assembled 2 stitch and glue kayaks from a kit with puzzle style joints. I prefer puzzle joints over scarfing. This is the first one I will be using my CNC for. Many thanks!

I am in the U.S. so sheets of Okoume are roughly 122 cm x 244 cm. Much thanks!

I'll convert them soon with puzzle style joints After a few days they will be available here. Cheers!

Good day! Where can I download the drawing with the connection of the panels of the puzzle systems?

Hello, I was looking around in the www for a short kayak and found the shorty-plan. I would like to build one (or try - have never done before). So I thought about drawing the data on big papers by hand. But I can't find the parts for in the boat - sorry I don't know the english word for the "Spanten" (in German). Is it possible to get this in form of the xls table? The lower parts on the pdf...

gostei desse caiak, quero fazer