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Some notes

Distance between sections - 30 cm. Strongback dimensions - 5x10 cm. Take a look at on how inner stem for bow and stern is made. You will have to substract this parts from stern and bow drawings. This is up to you.

Also, when you put sections on strongback, keep in mind the thickness of the sections. For example if you cut sections from 2 cm. plywood or mdf - from middle towards bow, front plane of section must be on 30 cm. line and back side on 2 cm. behind that line. From middle towards stern - opposite. Front plane of section on 2 cm. infront of the line and back plane on that line.

António Fonseca

Hi, first of all your kayak looks great!
I have a question, the widest part of the kayak is quite behind the Centre of the kayak, any particular reason? What is the effect on tracking and stability of the kayak?
Thank you
best regards,
A. Fonseca from Portugal