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This XXL kayak is designed for longer trips. With his good load capacity and security that gives to the paddlers is the perfect choice for any tandem tour for a day or for a week. This kayak is safe, stable and seaworthy even in challenging waters. Double Trouble greenland style lines enhances speed and stability, and allows bow to punch through waves instead of riding up and over them. Suitable for newbies.

Plans can still be downloaded from here, but you can visit yaKayak new site and download from there new or improved version of plans. New site is still under active development, but free plans are available for download.


I'll grade if I receve plans of Double Trouble ... thank's (sorry for my bad English)

thank's for sending double trouble plans

Plans can be downloaded from the link on top on this page

como faço para imprimir a planta no tamanho real?

como faço para imprimir a planta no tamanho real?

I am currently tempted to try out one of these projects. The sote is very informative and its nice to be able to share plans and experiences. I was thinking.... Did any one ever try building one of theae from foamboard instead of plywod? (Trying to keep weight at a minimum). Also i was wondering if this kind of hull is ocean worthy. How well can it handle a swell or a few choppy waves? Thanks

Hi Frederick, I don't know about foamboards way of building. Probably it's possible with some extra work to keep everything strong and together. I've paddled this tandem kayak just in rivers, but on Danube river, sometime wind and waves are just like in sea. And all this kayaks performs very well. NoName is builded and paddled in England from Freedom Kayaks Ltd (under name Fulmar) in sea and reviews are good. I'm not so experienced paddler, but just have returned from Greece and there Anuket  was exellent in sea with strong wind and rough weather for several days. So, yes - they are sea worthy.

I think i might give it a try. Where xan i purchase the plans for tge doubletrouble and how much do they cost with shipping to Malta EU?

Hi Frederick, You can download plans for free. On top of this content there is a link Download, or if you visit But recently some people have problems with DoubleTrouble downloads, so you can use contact form to get your e-mail address and i will send them to you.

I managed to download the files but thought if you had them for sale printed and shipped it would have been nicer purchasing tbem from here instead of paying 3rd parties for printing services.

Double Trouble seems to be a nice expedition kayak for a couple. It seems as seaworthy as we need to reach out the islands in a 12 mile range. We have already downloaded the plans, and will start as soon as we can to build it. We also have some ideas to adapt it to SouthEast Brazilian weather (shadow). Will send you assembling pictures. Tks

boa tarde ! nao estou a conseguir fazer o download, poderia me enviar por e-mail ? com o formato de para poder imprimir. cumprimentos

I am getting ready to build this kayak but I am not seeing how many of each part is need from the lofting plan. korpus3, korpus2, korpus1, pal1, pal2, pal3, pal4, pal5, pal6 please help I downloaded the others as well but cant see it the good. or see any red that says its marked for 1 part

Hi I am looking to build two of these kayaks for a Swedish marathon next year. I downloaded the dxf files and I seem to be missing two pieces (r3 and korpus 3_3). Also do you have any building notes or manuals to help with assembly. I appreciate any help you can give me.

Please send the plans for Double Trouble. I'm getting ready to build a stitch&glue double for myself and my wife. We have no lakes or rivers here but the sea beach at our doorstep plus 3 islands each within 10 - 11 km. The waters are choppy up to 1 m, the winds are usually 10 - 15 knots. I intend to sail it rather than paddle. Any advice here or by return mail will be appreciated. Thanks, Edward.

can I have plans for a stitch and glue tandem caiac?

can I have free plans of a stitch and glue tandem caiac?

yes, check your e-mail

Hello, thanx for the plans. I decided to build it, I downloaded the dxf and check them but the 3D model link doesn't work. Can I have the 3d Model? I need station distances

Hi, you can find bulkhead places in offset tables (on bottom parts). Sorry, but 3d models will work only on my new site which is still in development. But sections missing from 3d model anyway.

Hi it would be great if you'd send me the plans. Ill try to reply with the completed project :)

Done.Sended :)