Freedom Kayaks Ltd produces bespoke, British hand crafted composite kayaks and paddles

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For NoName 7 kg epoxy resin (+ hardener inside that quantity) should be enough. As I remember - for me was enough something about 6 kg. 10m2 110 g/m2 fiberglass cloth for the outside and 10m2 160 g/m2 for the inside. It will remain plenty of trimmings, but it's good layer to be in one piece (one for the bottom and one for the top). You can use less if you use cuts for the top panels(with overlaps) but i'm not sure whether it is worth. On stitches (just inside) i put 210 g/m2 chopped from a roll, but much easy and clear will be to use fiberglas tape there. Like this one Thanks for your interest, Davide!
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