Freedom Kayaks Ltd produces bespoke, British hand crafted composite kayaks and paddles

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The painting process was after assembling, just before first coat of epoxy resin and fiberglass. Using tape for clear edge. The paint is acrylic on water base. Еpoxy dissolves paint and goes through after about 10-15 minutes (at least this brands which i've use), so you have to work fast to these places in lamination process or else paint will be in epoxy after that time and every try to spread resin will lead to a big mess. Try first on some plywood sheat to check if your resin dissolves your paint and what is the time for that. The other way is to use water stain on panels before assembling, but only if you are sure that cuts are so precise, that there is no need for any sanding or extra work on the external side. Which is not usually the case.
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