Freedom Kayaks Ltd produces bespoke, British hand crafted composite kayaks and paddles

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First off, I love this design. Thank you so much for sharing!! As an experienced boat builder and glasser, I find the stitch and glue method fascinating. I'm very excited to try it out! I have few questions about materials that I couldn't find on the web and my supplier was hesitant to answer.. What is the importance of using epoxy resin over a polyester? I've worked for a few years at a boat company that builds world-class sport boats- don't worry, I'm only going to use these plans for PERSONAL purposes ONLY. I understand that it is completely a different a territory- fiberglass, carbon fiber and plasticore vs. marine grade plywood. Does the polyester resin interact poorly with the glue in plywood? I couldn't imagine water/sunlight would bother it, as it would be sealed on the exterior with a marine grade, alkyd based oil enamel and the interior sealed with gelcoat treated with surface seal or a wax additive. I live in a very dry climate (we ship most of our boats) and the kayak would only be in the water for a few hours a week, so I plan on using a top side paint for the exterior and a clear coat over the top of that. I'm just curious because I would be able to buy an advanced polyester resin at work for dollars/gallon versus ordering the expensive (but equally amazing) epoxy resin for fifty times that amount. Thank you for your time, - Eli
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