Freedom Kayaks Ltd produces bespoke, British hand crafted composite kayaks and paddles

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Links for download - beneath pictures!

Very useful and informative channels on youtube about kayak strip building:

Use this forum topic to place your questions and demands.

In Egyptian mythology, Anuket (also spelt Anqet, and in Greek, Anukis) was originally the personification and goddess of the Nile river, in areas such as Elephantine, at the start of the Nile's journey through Egypt, and in nearby regions of Nubia. And now - as a kayak. 545x56 cm 18 kg.
Watch in full screen and HD (much better)

Plans still can be downloaded from here, but you can visit yaKayak new site and download from there new or improved version of plans. New site is still under active development, but free plans are available for download.

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