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two persons (65kg, 85kg), boat 33kg, no load  two persons (65kg, 85kg), boat 33kg, load 60kg

More details about hidrostatic and stability - inside zip file

How to read stability graph and what all these numbers mean? Very good explanation here.

In the process of building I decided to make cockpit openings 5 centimeters longer. For strength I use two bottom stringers as it is shown on the picture.

Also knees on stitch between hull and deck. These things are not reflected in the drawings! Use your creativity.


Plans are for S&G kayak Double Trouble builded with 4 mm sheets of plywood, EPOXY resin (NOT polyester, vinilester or any other kind) and fiberglass (270 gr on stitches, 150 gr inside and 100 gr outside). I can't stop you to use other materials, but this is at your own risk. However, please, use Epoxy resin!

The technology in general is the same as for any other s&g kayak. Plenty of Info about that all over the Internet.

I'm not responsible for problems which could occur in process of your work.

Hatches and coaming riser construction is up to you.

How many kayaks you can make from these plans? As many as you want. You are not obligated with anything if you download and use these plans. However, you may consider donation.

If there is anything unclear or need for plans in different file format, or more details - please, use contact form and i'll do my best to help.

Free program for dwg file format you can download from here

Plans can still be downloaded from here, but you can visit yaKayak new site and download from there new or improved version of plans. New site is still under active development, but free plans are available for download.

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